Welcome Message

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Heshem

President of NRC

I am honored and delighted to welcome you on behalf of the National Research Centre administration in the International Conference for Sustainable Production of Oilseed Crops in the Mediterranean (iSPOCM 2021). The conference is hosted by NRC, Egypt, from 10- 12 Oct., 2021. Allow me to warmly thank the organizers of this important Conference for having brought us together and giving me the privilege of welcoming and addressing you all. This valuable event has been organized to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments for sustainable production of oilseed crops in the Mediterranean.

It will feature highly respected internationally and nationally renowned keynote speakers who will share, discuss, debate, and dissect significant new developments and scientific advancements in the field of oilseed crops.

The comprehensive framework of topics and sessions sustainable production of oilseed crops provides a special opportunity for academic scientists, researches, food industry representatives, representatives of government and NGOs from all parts of the world who are interested in the edible oilseed crops agriculture for fostering cooperation, exchange experience, gain new information and make contacts among the attendances.

On behalf of the conference organizers, I would like to personally invite all of the great scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates and students who interested by edible oil from all over the world to participate in  International Conference for Sustainable Production of Oilseed Crops in the Mediterranean (iSPOCM 2021) which will held in NRC from 10-12 October 2021.

The importance of this international event emerges from the importance of these oil crops as strategic crops and many of the Mediterranean countries have a gap reduction in the oilseed crops production. The conference will be dedicated to cover a wide spectrum of themes related to sustainable production of oilseed crops, i.e., Oilseed crops plant nutrition, physiology and production conditions, Breeding, genetics and genomics resources for sustainable production of oilseed crops, Micronutrient bio-fortification of oilseed crops to combat hidden hunger, Environmental sustainability and management of oilseed crops and wastes, Biochemistry, functional properties of the edible oils, processing and industrial applications, Application of fats, oils and their derivatives in food technology, special fats and olio-chemicals and Use the oilseed crops as biofuel. Our conference will facilitate networking, information exchange and collaboration within and among many sectors, academicians and researchers, private sector, the public sector and civil society; something of great importance to achieve sustainable food security and nutrition goals in locally and globalized world.

Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Moawad

Chairman of the conference

Prof. Dr. EL Sayed EL Habbasha

Conference coordinator

It gives our great honor that International Conference for Sustainable Production of Oilseed Crops in the Mediterranean (iSPOCM 2021), will be held in NRC, Egypt, from 10- 12 Oct., 2021. Oilseed crops (Sunflower, Canola, Peanut, Flax, Sesame, Cottonseed, Castor, Palm, Olive and other oilseeds) are most important and strategic crops in the Mediterranean countries. Number of these countries has a great reduction in the productivity and production of these crops especially in the south side countries where these countries pay a lot of costs to fill the gap between the production and consumption of edible oils by importing process. Oilseed crops have a great importance where can be used in direct consumption, edible vegetable oil, protein cake and meal required for the dairy and poultry industries as well as in many food industries. Our conference will consider a good opportunity and rostrum for brings together a variety of researchers from government, commercial and academic organizations, and different variety of companies who are interested in the edible oilseed crops agriculture to foster cooperation among them. The iSPOCM 2021 will provide the right place for sharing knowledge and experiences accumulated as well as introducing an innovative and sustainable solution for the oilseed sector. The results of our sharing and discussion during iSPOCM 2021 conference eventually contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. iSPOCM 2021 cordially express appreciation for your support and participation.

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