Sponsorship Package

iSPOCM 2021 is proud to introduce a sponsorship programme to promote our official sponsors to worldwide oilseed crops related professionals, practitioners, experts, academics, governmental officials, distinguished speakers and invitees, and many others. Sponsors will be rewarded through an extent list of benefits listed below.

1- The sponsor representatives will give welcoming speech during the gala dinner (limited # available).

2- Be recognized as an official sponsor during coffee break carrying your logo. (limited # available)

3- Your logo will be printed on lanyards worn by all delegates throughout the conference.

4- Be the first organization delegates see when they register. Sponsorship features your logo on every registration desk.

5- Your logo will be printed on the conference bags to be handed out to all delegates at registration and carried throughout the whole venue.

6- Your logo will be placed on highly-visible panels.

7- Showcase a presentation in restaurant while conference participants enjoy coffee break and lunch.

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